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Adopted March 8, 2022

Dear Friends, 


Effective today, Christ Lutheran has adopted a mask-optional policy*. Members, volunteers, groups, and visitors may choose whether or not they will wear a mask while on Church grounds.


Christian Education Program parents will have the option to send their children with or without a mask. Staff members may also choose whether or not to wear a mask. Specific concerns can be raised at any time with a member of the Christian Education Committee. 


At this time, social distancing during worship is still in effect. 


Choir members will remain masked and distanced at this time. This will be reassessed in the near future. The topic of singing in the congregation will also be reassessed in the near future. We will continue not to sing for the time being.


Christ Lutheran has been immensely fortunate in keeping our COVID-19 infection rate at a minimum. We feel strongly that it is because of our commitment to CDC Guidelines that we have done so. Because of this, we strongly encourage* continued masking as our best means of protecting our immunocompromised members. Should the CDC Guidelines change, and/or infection rates increase, we will revisit this policy. 


Thank you to all who participated in our masking survey. Your input played an important role in shaping our newly-adopted policy. With your continued cooperation, we are confident that Christ Lutheran will remain a safe and successful place of worship.

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